(“WHAT in the WORLD?!?” I hear you saying. This is my disclaimer — our family will only have black people in it)

Sometimes the question comes up in polygynous circles “What if a man has wives of different races?” Can this work?
I don’t think it can work very often.  I think the idea of it working is very slim. I know of ONE family, in the UK, off in the country, that is interracial (one wife is white/European and the other wife is bi-racial/black) and they are doing well. They’ve been together probably 7 years, maybe 8.
But the UK and their race relations is often not as disparaging and oppressing as what goes on here in the US.
The fear of most black women is that their black husband has some sort of “white girl fetish”, and therefore will not be able to treat both of his wives fairly because of his obsession. That is probably the fear of a white woman with her white husband, in the other direction. 
We, as black women, know how some black men are just sooo in love with the idea of having a white woman. It’s not about him liking her because of who she is and the “content” of her “character”, as MLK Jr. said. It’s about her being WHITE. They like her white skin, her straight hair, her thin facial features, and it MAY be because of what the American  media puts forward as the majority opinion of beauty. Because of that fetish (which is a SICKNESS — ALL fetishes are an illness, no  matter how “innocent” it seems), it’s hard to see where he will be able to treat both of his wives with the same level of fairness.
PLUS, black people, we have alot of issues that are ignored/not addressed in America. There are things the typical white person will understand. And I know there are interracial couples where the black person just shrugs and says “He/she doesn’t understand, but it’s not something I try to explain. Let’s just ignore the issues for the sake of love”. But now you’ve got one more person in the relationship, which makes it harder to ignore.
If a black man has two wives, one black and one white, and a racial discussion ensues — will the man take the black woman’s side because of racial loyalty, or will he take the white woman’s side, so as to not have her feel bad and left out? Which side is the “right” side to take? 
Just adding extra confusion (racial issues) onto something that’s already extra (polygyny), onto something that’s already confusing (a relationship) in the first place.
And what about CHILDREN. You know how black people are — light-skinned/biracial children are often called “pretty” far more often in relation to darker-skinned/not-mixed children. How does one deal with that??

I’m not 100% opposed to giving it a try, but these are the reasons that the idea is a no-go to me, in this country.
(Again my husband does not see white women as attractive. So I dont think it’d ever be an issue in our house.)

…what do you think?


…YES I think so.
I think we will not lower our standards. I thought we were all the same and shared the same level of potential in this life? I don’t think that anymore. No.
We’ll keep our standards.
And…we won’t be picking anyone from any of the polygyny groups.
No. YOU PEOPLE are TOO MUCH TROUBLE. No thanks, lol.
So keep talking bad about us to everyone you can. We aren’t taking that route, ever again.
It will be someone local to wherever we are.

I’m trying to write about it. But speaking on something in the moment when I am angry or upset, is just really hard.
Today’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me. I haven’t had a bad birthday it’s been a very good birthday; I’m happy about that.

I’m put out that people want to believe the lies this “chick” is saying about us. ONE person only RECENTLY tried to come and hear my side of the story, but it’s like, too little too late. Noooo, don’t come here NOW, to hear from us our side.
Forget it.

So let’s see. What’s she saying about us, out there in the SMALL SMALL pond?
She’s saying that it’s all sexual.
Because she KNOWS that in the black polygynous community, that’s the WORST THING someone can say. For a man or a couple to ONLY pursue polygyny for the sake of sexual gratification is a predatory nature. If consenting adults want to agree that that is what they are going to do, then that’s what they want to do. But polygyny is about building a family, building an empire with the right set of people (one man, multiple women).
This is particularly irritating to us — we half-way courted two people before her, both of which we never met in person. So REALLY — phone chatting all day does NOT equal courting, when you compare it to the real thing.
So in 8 years of interest in polygyny, we have ONLY courted her, when you look at it like that.
She claims that Cepha only went to California to have sex with her.
This is funny to me. We haven’t courted anyone in 8 years besides her, and besides her, and me, Cepha hasn’t had sex with anyone. In EIGHT YEARS. He didn’t go down there and rush into this with her. NO. She ASKED him, BEGGED him, talking about “I want to feel you inside me.”
Now people want to be upset with him about that nonsense, as if she isn’t an adult with her own mind. What man, who is attracted to a woman, and that woman, who’s also attracted to him, is saying “I want you inside me” and they don’t do it?
Let me stop to point that out — they LIKED each other. THEY LIKED EACH OTHER, PEOPLE! Don’t let her lie to y’all and say she didn’t fall in love with him. She did. That’s why she’s so upset and trying at EVERY TURN to have access to us, saying horrible mean things so maybe we’ll “address” it with her, or have some sort of mediation or reconciliation. ANYTHING!
That was CONSENTUAL. They are ADULTS and she’s no shrinking violet.
She gets real vile and vulgar with her words. I’ve NEVER been that person. I’m talking about this right now mainly because the people that are talking about us are a bunch of assholes. But you have NEVER seen me in a conversation about sex with a bunch of people I don’t know like that. I talk about sex with my CLOSE friends. I’ll talk crass and vulgarities with THEM. So this is as much as I’ll say on that subject. When she went there with me I couldn’t even say anything back because that’s not how I roll. I can’t go there; I just had to leave.
So anyway — she says it was all about sex — meanwhile we were all looking for a house for her and her kids, since she refused to discipline her kids when they would act up. So he was going to STILL keep her, even tho she wasn’t doing what he wanted her to do. She would fake agreement with him, and then tear him down behind his back with other people who DIDNT LIKE HIM ANYWAY. What kind of team-player is that?
But he was going to KEEP her, tho.
AND he was going to get her a car. He already knew which car he was going to get her.
But it was all about the sex, though.
And we’re so BAD — but the other day she said we were her “prototype” family, tho.
She says I hate my husband, and that I “knew” she’d never listen to him.
She told Remez a bunch of stuff about us, BEFORE we’d called it quits with her, and he used it against us in the last argument we’d had with him.
What he’d said — it was us — but it was a DISTORTED VIEW of us.
If that’s what she got from her visit with us, then you have to account it to her broken mind. What’d she tell Cepha?? — that she’d never seen family like that before. She’d never seen a REAL man before. So she didn’t know how to act. She was right. Her family — excuse my french — but they’re fucked up. She knows they are. So no, she knows nothing about what a family is supposed to be. That’s why when she got in our house and saw all that was going on, she froze.
And no — I don’t cry every day. SHE cried every day, because it was pretty much a culture shock for her. I cry when I’m angry or frustrated. Cepha and I had TWO arguments while she was there. And being that we’re both strong individuals, and being that I’m not one to immediately back down (and fake agree with him…smh I told you not to do that), when we argue, the arguments are HUGE and ENORMOUS. We got into one argument when we went to the house I grew up in, that’s being sold — and WHY AM I EXPLAINING THIS TO YOU?!? ANYONE WHO THINKS MARRIED PEOPLE DONT ARGUE ARE *LYING* — WE ARE NOT PERFECT WE PROBABLY ARGUE ONCE A MONTH. But anyone who’s been married for a substantial amount of time will tell you that the ONE thing understood about those arguments is that you are STILL TOGETHER at the end of it all. Aint no way I’m leaving because of one or two disagreements. I love him too much. I like HIM, more than I’ve liked any guy, ever. I love him, and I like him. He is the SMARTEST man that I’ve ever met.

She’s mad at Cepha and “hates” Cepha because Cepha TOLD her about herself. And he doesn’t mince words. Her husband has said some of the same things that Cepha said about her as well.

And “why’d” we choose her? Her friends are asking me that? That’s messed up to even ask that. First of all we didn’t choose her, she chose us. She said it was because I defended her in an argument in that polygyny group 8 months before we actually courted her. I went on and messaged her, since she’d dropped a couple of hints in the women’s group. Then I told her to send Cepha a friend request. Who knew she’d lie to us and on us? Who knew she’d act the way she did when she was staying with us? Who knew? You can’t know these things. You dont know NOBODY until you live with them.

We courted her because he and her, they got along and they LIKED each other. We courted her, because she and I, we got along well. Why does anyone court anyone? You can’t know anyone from phone calls and skype.
Y’all don’t know her.
The sex was not the focus. It shouldn’t be YOUR focus, either. It’s your focus, because you’re nasty. Had she done what she was supposed to do, he was going to keep her. That was the plan. Had she taken my advice (like she’s doing now, with someone else, where she doesn’t really have a friendship with her co-wife…smh), he would have kept her. Had she listened to him about leaving a certain Georgian family alone (where the wife is significantly younger than the husband — something she said disgusted her…Cepha told her to stop picking on them and she refused to stop), he would have kept her.
And THAT issue was the LAST straw.

If she’s a team player NOW, it’s because of seeing what WE had. If she’s being loyal NOW and not tearing her man down behind his back at every turn, canoodling with people who don’t like him — that’s because she learned. If she’s waking up in the morning to make sure he’s got what he needs to go to work — that’s because of us. She had no interest in doing that. She LAUGHED at the book I sent her — Created to Be His Helpmeet, by Debi Pearl (GEMS for women who wanna be wives).

The only reason I’m talking about it, is because someone comes in my inbox to express concern to me about the situation. REALLY, what I want is for it to be DONE, I’ve tried to close the door on this about 3 times but people wanna stir shit up.

DONT TALK TO US ABOUT HER, DONT TALK TO HER ABOUT US. YOU WANNA HELP??? LET THIS SHIT DIE, MAN IT’S *OVER*. IT’S DONE. #TEAMNNF UP IN HERE LOL. I don’t ever want to talk about her to anyone again, after this.

I’m<a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLgfrrsa5QU”&gt; blind to you</a>…

I see many things very clearly right now.
Most people that dislike me, dislike me for no REAL reason. You see — I don’t dislike people until they do something to ME, directly. 
When you do something to ME, or my FAMILY — then hey, I’ll dislike you. THAT MAKES SENSE, RIGHT?
People dislike me for the following reasons: I’m smart, I’m slim, I’m attractive, I’m successful, I’m nice, and most importantly, I have a connection to The Most High.
A friend of mine said, when you deal with conflict and when you’re forced to deal with it publicly, who your friends are and who they aren’t becomes quite evident. 
When the Hebrews read about The Messiah, they were excited and looked forward to His coming. 
When He came — they were jealous of Him, and hated Him and sought to kill Him (and succeeded).
When all I did were videos and blogs about polygyny and other related issues, people liked/loved me, and were excited at the idea of chatting with me in these facebook groups.
When I came — people became jealous, they now hate me, and while they don’t necessary seek to end my life, they’d certainly like to kill my character.
(I am not remotely saying I’m anything close as awesome to The Messiah. I’m saying this is what happens to ANYBODY who ends up being “too much” for those around them to digest.)
And yet — the more I wake up, the stronger I become. The more you show me yourselves…the more I understand myself and my relationship to this world.
I know better now, than to come down to where they are. NO THANKS — until I find people similar to who I am, I will not bother to converse with those that plot for my demise.
When I become something bigger than I am now, don’t say you ever knew me — you never did. You never tried.
Those that like/love me, believe me when I say I like/love you back. If you bear me no ill will then I, too, bear you none. 
But I Don’t Like People Who Don’t Like Me. Never ever. N That’s a Fact.

If you’re like me you’re a fan of all things polygyny. We may or may not ever find a sister-wife to join us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t recognize it as an positive relationship dynamic.
So from time to time, when I come across something — a link to a site, a video, or articles pertaining to the subject, I try to share it here so others can enjoy it as well.

So heeere ya go, here’s some stuff, that I got from someone else, lol. They did the footwork, posted it, and it was good. Yay, Facebook!!

Polygyny is legal in Islam and Christianity

Polygamy is the key to long life

And THIS awesome looking book — Polygyny: The Ancient African Welfare System

Okay babies, I’m done — a distant friend checked in on me this week. “How are you?”, she asked. “Great,” I said, “better than I’ve been in WEEKS.”
EVER SINCE I confronted “our” ex, and ever since I wrote out exactly WHAT she did, on here — the Great Purge — I feel SOOO much better about everything. I am sleeping better, I am happier. I am happier ABOUT polygyny in our life in GENERAL — whether we do it or not. She suggested this sister to us just before the break up, and suggested us to her, and STILL told that same sister, after our last major falling out that she’d be a better match for us than she was? And we talked about that, us and this other sister — she sought to make us look really bad over the last few months in order to justify jumping in bed with that other guy…if we were so bad, why would she suggest that such a nice girl try to join up with us? …

Anyway — old news.
Let me go. I’m so very busy; I have a ton of packages going out. Gotta get em ready.

I don’t understand people.
I have EXPERIENCE in DEALING with people. I know how to handle them.
But I don’t understand them, no.
I’ve handled people and their attitudes toward me since I was in the second grade.
I KNOW how to identify a friend versus a messy person (who would, in essence, be a friend to NO ONE).

Okay — let met explain what happened AFTER our break up. Maybe it will clear the picture up a little bit —

So we’d broken up, but as I said a few entries ago, we were all three still in contact, daily. Talking on the phone, having good conversations. She was still telling him she loved him, saying she didn’t know how she was going to get over him, saying she missed us. People were still skype-ing (I don’t skype. I’m shy. *shrugs* I’ll DO it but I don’t like doing that).
We saw online that she was on a flight to Maryland. She lives in California. She hadn’t told us about any travel plans — but hey, we weren’t together anymore, right? So okay, that’s fine. We assumed she was visiting family; she has family on the east coast.
She calls and talks to him on the phone both before leaving and after she arrives in Maryland. She calls him when she first sees snow — because she’d never seen snow before, and she thought it was beautiful. She wanted to share that with him. She called him, later that evening, to tell him, AGAIN, that she loved him very much, and didn’t know how she was going to get over the situation.
The next morning, there’s a post on Facebook in one of the polygyny groups. The post talks about a single woman in the group, of no name, who has been flying cross-country to have sex with various men, also in the group, of no name. The creator of the post expressed disgust and displeasure.
When WE read the post, we thought it was talking about HER. It made us feel bad for her, and he immediately wanted to warn and protect her.
So he called her, to tell her that there was a post, and no matter how it sounds, WE hadn’t said anything ill about her to ANYONE — but someone ELSE may have, and someone may have been trying to make her look bad.
They got on the phone with each other and start having regular, jovial conversation.
But he started to hear whispering in the background. And so, mid-sentence, he’s like “–who’s that whispering in the background?” It was a regular inquiry with no suspicion of anything weird.
But when she heard the question, she hung up on him, immediately.
He called her back. She picked up. “What did you say?” she asked. “The phone cut out and I didn’t hear you.”
So he asked again, because the whispering was still happening. “Who is that whispering –” then he stopped. He realized it might be a man. So he asked “– who did you go to Maryland to see?”
And she hangs up on him, AGAIN.
So he calls her over and over probably 4 times. Then he stops and he texts her “If you don’t want me to call you, let me know.”
It’s still no big deal — he just doesn’t want to mess things up for HER, if she’s seeing someone. But she hasn’t SAID that she’s seeing someone…
Who responds to her text, through the phone, is the GUY, this asshole who we’ve gotten into it repeatedly on facebook. He’s a complete pompous ass in his response, as well, he’s like “Don’t text her anymore, she doesn’t give a fuck”, and something like “I stole your woman she’s in the bed with me right now”, and “you better watch out before I take the other one” (talking about ME — I would NEVER be so disloyal in my LIFE to EVER consider leaving one man for another man that HATES HIS GUTS. I have NEVER been that kind of person).
My husband responds with something like “I’m not surprised” and he calls me and tells me about it. I FLIP OUT. How DARE SHE? I HEARD her on the phone the night before, I HEARD what she’d said! How you claim to be in love with someone, but you in the bed with another dude? How you claim to be a FRIEND and love people, and you don’t tell them that this is what you plan to do, and who you plan to be with?
We’d only been broke up a week. And this dude, in the text, is calling her his WIFE.
I called her phone and cussed her out because she was too cowardly to even pick up the phone. How DARE you let him say the things that he said to him?? WHY would you do it like THAT? Do you HATE us? Y’know what I’m sayin? (like we’re really talking right now)
I went on facebook and messaged her a whole lot of angry things, and then I texted her a whole lot of angry things and that asshole dude RESPONDED for her AGAIN. She’s such a bitch for that I don’t know what to do right now it’s been months since that happened but HELL YEAH I’m still mad when I think on it too hard.
I couldn’t write it any time before now because I get SOOOO angry about it.

So a week later, the polygyny group hosts a women-only friday night conference call. And I get on the call and everything is amiable. When I speak, SHE responds “OMG! Hiii, Rebecca!” — speaking to me as if that was okay.
I flip out AGAIN.
And everyone thinks I was wrong for that but FUCK — what if it happened to THEM? Let’s see how THEYD react!
So we’ve cussed each other out completely on the call, ruining the call completely for everyone else.
The next day, she runs on facebook and into the groups and starts saying mean things. Her little stupid fat friend with her fat face starts joining in. I don’t know what SHE has to do with anything, but she’s a horrible person, because she likes to get into other people’s business when she was no where in the situation at all.
We have all been on thin ice with each other, ever since.

ALOT of the people don’t believe anything I say about the situation, because they feel they know her. She’s so-called “honest” with them, and so-called “real” in their book — because she talks about sex with them and they all get real crass and vile and nasty when they talk about sex — and I don’t do that with THEM, because HEY — I DONT KNOW YOU LIKE THAT. WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT I LIKE AND HOW I LIKE IT? I talk to my CLOSE friends about stuff like that, but I’ve known them since elementary school. I DON’T KNOW THEM.
She talks to them on the phone and I am SIMPLY not a phone talker. My besties and I don’t talk on the phone often, what makes you think I wanna talk to you when I don’t know you? You want to get to know each other? Move here and we’ll meet up face to face and then we’ll know each other. But I’m not a phone-chatter I got other things to do…
So they believe her off the bat and claim I’m not consistent with my personality (because when I’m angry, I will flip out on you — what they don’t know is, I’m like that FACE TO FACE I’ve fought ALOT in my life, and if I get angry I’m quick to possibly yank you real quick, depending on how I feel at the moment). I am whoever I am. It is whatever it is. However I feel is how I feel. I’m NICE, when you meet me. I’m pleasant. Most no-good people will think I’m weak, when they meet me, and they’ll try to take advantage of me (there’s a girl online and she just thinks I’m an idiot. She’s bossy and she’s curt and rude and tries to get me to do things SHE wants me to do, and then she likes to talk about me behind my back to the point where people have to tell her to calm down on that… smh and that’s why when she does messiness and I am aware of it, I go ahead and let people know she’s being messy. Because I’m NOT stupid, I’m just not a messy little prick. That’s all).
I am. WHOEVER. I am. And it IS. WHATEVER. It is.
These people who are so quick to believe everything this girl says (that she says because SHE’s hurt because she hurt US, and she feels BAD but can’t bring herself to just ACKNOWLEDGE how messed up that was, and how she feels BAD about it… so she seeks to make us look bad) they believe her because THEY NEVER LIKED US IN THE FIRST PLACE. We’re fit, we’re attractive, we’re striving for success. We travel, we are well-read, we are liked by NICE people. People from the polygynous groups on facebook, when they come to town, they meet up with us, and they GENUINELY like us. Because we’re REAL — we SAY we homeschool our children, and we DO and it’s OBVIOUS because our kids are EDUCATED and POLITE. We SAY we have a store and we DO and it’s OBVIOUS because our customers LOVE US and they ALWAYS speak well of us. We SAY we travel and we DO and it’s OBVIOUS because, well because of the pictures, of course lol and the fact that, for example, my husband went and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, reached the top summit, and ended up in the newspaper back in his country for being the FIRST of his countrymen to summit the mountain…
Our friends and family members are great people (we’re all only lightly dysfunctional and every family is lol), but they’re all nice and good people and don’t tend to try to ruin other people’s lives with their antics. Not typically. lol

So at the end of the day, I’m always feeling blessed. And people hate us for who we are and how we area and they’d feel better if we were how she wants to describe us right now…

Okay. That’s what she did. That’s why we were hurt. NOT the break up. That was never the problem and was INITIATED by us.

Alot of people on the outside of polygyny looking in cannot imagine the idea that women married to the same man could actually be friends with one another.
Western society has put forth the notion that women are naturally jealous of each other. Some of us ACT jealous when we’re really not; we’re just doing what is expected of us.
There are families where the sister-wives are not friends; the idea of the term co-wife rings in the back of my head. They may have no intentions on being friends with each other. Some prefer it this way. The wives do not speak, live in separate locations (sometimes cities/state/countries away from one another). They may only know of each other in name. The husband stays with one wife and her children for a time, then he goes to stay with the other family for a time. The pros of this are that he never has to worry about them ganging up on him when there’s a disagreement. If they DO know each other, and dislike each other, any time they have trouble, whether it be solo or amongst the wives, they will lean on him for comfort and not on each other.
The cons are the amount of time each wife spends by herself, basically being a “single mom” while he’s gone, and the amount of money having to be spent on two separate households. Sometimes that wife has to work and make her own money because the husband’s money can only cover a certain amount of her bills. The man may tire of traveling back and forth, and in some cases, he ends up leaving much-needed items or downright losing them during the travel to and from the houses of his wives.

When the wives are friends, they are more apt to work together, to cooperate, and to want the best for each one’s relationship with the husband (and with each other). If they don’t mind, they may be able to stay in the same house together, or at least on the same land with each other. Chores will get done together, children will be raised together. Their children will not only get to see their father alot more often, but there will be “other mothers” for the children to lean on if their mother is ill or busy at the moment. A lot of men talk about not wanting their wife to talk to them all the time about stuff, and not wanting to have discussions and such. If the wives are friends, they will rely on each other for conversation and discussion (especially discussions of the feminine nature — whatever that entails)
The cons to this arrangement are sometimes, when one wife is mad at you, and she talks to the other wife/wives about it, they might be mad at you, too. Or them talking all the time may end up with them having inside jokes that you’re not privy to (as friends tend to have — especially about “boys” — no matter a woman’s age there can always be some giggling to be found about a man lol). There are certain type of men that have to be honest that they MIGHT just get downright jealous of the friendship the sister-wives have with each other. They might REJOICE in the idea of them being completely separate.

The majority of the people I know like the latter relationship style. But I know people that prefer the former. Personally I cannot fathom the idea of not having a friendship with a woman involved with my husband. I can see it breeding jealousy (“What does he do when he’s at her house? What do they talk about? Do they talk about me? Does he completely forget me when he’s over there?”) and insecurity (“I’ll bet she’s better at everything than I am. I bet she’s a better cook, a better cleaner… I bet…”).

But to know the woman/women my husband also loves — to know them, to love them and to trust them as having the best interest of the family unit in mind and NOT just their individual relationship with our husband — the very idea brings peace to my heart. This woman will be there for my kids if I’m unavailable. She’ll cook his meals when I am unable. She’ll bring her creative mind to the table when we’re working on something. Her sense of humor will make him laugh like mine makes him laugh. She’ll make him happy in her own way, and I will make him happy in my own way, and we’ll all be happy, together.

Sisterhood is highly desirable in polygyny. If you don’t experience it, you’ll never know how harmonious it can be.

Nah get it twisted — I ain’t ready to court any new person yet? (she and I were close — and one day I’ll type it all up from the roota to the toota but, no — I’m not there yet. Just know there were times that she lied to us about things she’d done — speaking ill about us to other people, telling things that we hadn’t discussed telling, then come back and tell us these things didn’t happen, and feign that her feelings were hurt when we confessed one day that we just didn’t trust her because we could SENSE the lies…no I’m still put out with all that. She’d be honest with everyone else that she didn’t know but she’d lie to the people she was supposed to be trying to be with… and it seems she’s doing the same with this next dude as well… I’m not as angry, but I’m not over it and I’m not ready to put my heart into it yet)

But if we ever do it again — again, this is what we’ll be seeking.

Stay tuned!


I’ve broached this subject before, repeatedly.
I just wanted to point out some things —

1. Adam and Eve being a monogamous relationship is NOT indicating The Most High’s favor TOWARD monogamous relationships. It is only an example of a man and woman being together. THAT IS ALL. That is reflected in all marital relationships in the Bible. There are NO same-sex marriages in the Bible. There are NO inter-species marriages in the Bible. You know why? Because these acts are FORBIDDEN/PROHIBITED by the Bible.
2. Arguments and negative situations in a polygynous relationship in the Bible is NOT indicative of The Most High being against polygyny! Monogamous relationships currently have a divorce rate of AROUND 50% in the United States, at least. NO marital relationship is going to be perfect! Whether it’s polygyny or monogamy, it’s the PEOPLE that will make or break it, not the relationship dynamic itself!
3. Verses concerning adultery and divorce have NOTHING TO DO with polygyny (UNLESS someone polygynous has committed adultery or gotten a divorce!) Adultery is the act of a man having sex with a married woman (NOT married to HIM). Divorce is the act of putting a wife away, or chosing NOT to be married to her anymore…
4. Men in the Bible taking foreign wives and being punished for it is NOT indicative of The Most High being against polygyny! The Most High SPECIFICALLY STATED that Hebrew men were NOT to take foreign women, and HE CALLED IT — he said they’d be led to worship other gods and HE WAS RIGHT AND IT HAPPENED EVERY TIME. That would have happened if the man and woman were MONOGAMOUS or POLYGYNOUS — the relationship dynamic had no bearing on their punishment!
5. Just because YOU feel it’s wrong DOESNT MEAN THAT ITS WRONG! People feel slavery was wrong — but slaves and slave masters were all in the Bible. Slavery is an economic system and NOT ONLY did it build the very country we live in (America… *ahem*), but IT IS STILL GOING ON TODAY.
Your FEELINGS have ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on The Word of The Most High! Have you EVER analyzed why you feel the way you do about it? COULD IT BE BECAUSE YOU LIVE IN A COUNTRY BASED ON ROMAN PRINCIPLES — WHERE POLYGYNY IS WRONG, BUT SERIAL MONOGAMY AND AFFAIRS(and homosexual sex) WAS THE NAME OF THE DAY?? So because SOCIETY thinks it’s WRONG and it was BRED INTO YOU that it’s wrong, don’t you think that might have SOMETHING to do with why you feel that way?
Face it — the Bible doesn’t AGREE with you. In FACT, The Most High gave rules FOR polygyny.

When you are against polygyny I understand how hard it can be to change that. Our society feeds us monogamy as the ideal form of marriage — but it ALSO feeds us ALOT of other stuff that is completely backward and ridiculous.
The Bible NEVER speaks against polygyny, but it’s obvious that it happened then, and it happened now, and NEVER does The Most High pit himself against any of the men that practiced it for that reason.


Deuteronomy 4:2 HNV

    You shall not add

to the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish from it, that you may keep the mitzvot of the YHWH your Elohim, which I command you.

Deuteronomy 12:32 HNV
Whatever thing I command you, that shall you observe to do:

    you shall not add thereto,

nor diminish from it.

Revelations 22:18 HNV
I testify to every man who hears the words of the prophecy of this book,

    if anyone adds to them, may YHWH add to him the plagues which are written in this book.

So people who half-way know the situation that happened between us and this woman, they say frustratedly “Move on, just accept the fact that she wasn’t right for your family”.
That’s what they say.
They say that, because they don’t know what all happened. And when they speak to her, she makes it seem as if that’s what we’re mad about — that it didn’t work out.
No. That’s not the problem at all. The fact that she wasn’t right for our family was quite evident after a little while. We kept giving chance after chance and she kept saying that she could hang but after a while it was obvious that she couldn’t. To be honest, my husband kept trying to break it off with her, and salvage her feelings on the matter. This went on for a while.
And I really — REALLY REALLY — want to purge myself and talk about the entire situation, from the problems in the relationship to what happened AFTERWARD (which is the REAL reason our very friendship was torn up.)
I’m thinking about it. Yes.
People want to say, when they hear the whole story “That’s not a good look for either side”, trying to not make their friend look so bad. But no — this isn’t a good look for HER. SHE ends up looking BAD when you see the entire thing from beginning to end. Alot of stuff that she wants to make matter don’t matter when you see the big picture. And small-minded, ignorant people that want to focus on those miniscule things are also not looking at the entire thing. One frayed end does not overtake the pattern of the entire quilt. You have to see the quilt in it’s entirety.
So perhaps I will lay out the quilt here and let people see it.
If I do, I’m just going to copy and paste a conversation I had with a good friend of hers on Facebook. I said everything to this girl because I knew FULL and WELL she would report EVERYTHING I said directly to her. She thinks I told a ton of people the exact words I told her friend. I didn’t. I told HER with a PURPOSE. (and then she wants to come tell me about some fake, late-night conference call where what I’d said to people had been read to her… no — just be honest, your FRIEND told you what I said, because I WANTED IT THAT WAY. I WANTED YOU TO KNOW WHAT I SAID. NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE TOLD YOU BECAUSE I DIDN’T TELL THESE THINGS TO ANYONE ELSE. Once again, LYING.)
If I decide not to, I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LOSE INTEREST IN PROJECTS. I’m flighty on some things, like a faerie — I might find something else much more interesting to deal with.
But the idea is on my mind this morning, and I decided to type out my considerations on the matter.

There will come a time when people may have a disagreement. The question has been asked time and again — when the other two are arguing (let’s say there’s a family of two wives one husband), what are YOU supposed to do?

Do you A)let them sort it out themselves? B) take a side? C) mediate?

Most people vary between A and C.

Me, personally, in my own situation, I tried to mediate — both parties would come to me, and I’d try to build the bridge between the two. I think that it worked a lot less often than it didn’t. But I just hate it when I can see that there’s clearly been a misunderstanding and that some assistance in communication could help the two clarify their points and come to some solution.

Now me — when he and I argue, I think people should STAY OUT OF IT. We’ve been married 10 years and we’ve known each other for quite a while. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been with us THAT long can tell us anything about each other — you’d have to be with us for a few years before you’d be able to lend us a hand in that situation.
Just be there when we cry or need to vent and that’s all.

So what am I saying, exactly?
I mean — you can stay out of it. I am a firm believer of the 1on1 relationships standing on their own feet. The relationship between my husband and this woman could not stand on it’s own feet. (It COULD HAVE. And I’m not saying that there’s only one person to blame? But there are a lot of things she could have done that she chose not to… we’ll talk about that another time.)That relationship over there has to be able to work ITSELF out. You don’t HAVE to feel obligated to assist with that.

You’ll end up being the hinge. And me, I never wanted to be the hinge. So I was in an uncomfortable place.

Alot of things I’m going to talk about over time. Writing and talking gives me closure and peace.
So… until next time, peace be unto you and unto you be peace.


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